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Prof. Paul Dodson

Prof. Paul Dodson
Heart of England Foundation Trust
Birmingham, UK
Current position
  Associate Professor,  Warwick Medical School & Consultant Physician in Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Medical Ophthalmology, Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull NHS Trust (Teaching). , and University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust. Clinical Lead for Birmingham & Black Country (BBC) SHA, South and East, Diabetic Retinopathy  Screening Programmes (UK
  Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK
  Honorary Consultant Physician, Birmingham and Midland Eye
Centre, Birmingham, UK
Past position
Aug 1989 Consultant Physician, Diabetes, Endocrinology and Medical Ophthalmology, Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull Hospital NHS Trust
1986 - 1987 Acting Consultant Physician, General Medicine and Gastroenterology
Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham.
1982 - 1989 Senior Registrar (Drs. R. F. Fletcher and K. G. Taylor), General Medicine, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Medical Ophthalmology, Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham and Birmingham and Midlands Eye Hospital.
1979 - 1981 Research Fellow (for Prof. D. J. Galton,  Mr.A.M.Hamilton, Mr. R.Blach,  Dr.A.Winder) Diabetes, Lipids, Medical Ophthalmology and General Medicine, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and Moorfield’s Eye Hospital,London.
1977 - 1981 Registrar (for Dr. E. V. Cox), General Medicine, Diabetes and Gastroenterology, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading.
1977 Senior House Officer, Neurology, Southampton General Hospital
1976 Senior House Officer, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Southampton General Hospital
Senior House Officer, Infectious Diseases and General Medicine
Rochford General Hospital
1975 House Surgeon, Rochford General Hospital
House Physician, Rochford General Hospital
Scientific training
1968 - 1974 The Medical School, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London EC1, UK
1974 MRCS (Eng.) LRCP (London)
1975 MB, BS (London)
1979 MRCP (UK)
1984 MD (London)
1994 FRCP
Professional Associations
  Diabetes UK
  Medical Research Society
  EASD Nutrition Study Group
  Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  Royal College of Physicians
  British Hypertension Society
  British Hyperlipidaemia Association
  Medical Ophthalmological Society (Founder)
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1983 Stephen Whittaker Prize
  West Midlands Physicians’ Association
1995 Spencer Walker Price, RCOphth
1997 - ‘B’ Merit award and  renewed for 5 years
  • Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia
My initial research was into nutritional effects on blood pressure in hypertensive subjects and diabetics.  My research and clinical career developed with work for my MD thesis on lipoprotein metabolism and medical aspects of retinal vascular disease (London MD, 1984) at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, London. Grants for a research fellow and nursing staff have been obtained to continue work into prevalence, nutritional effects and therapies for hypertension and hyperlipidaemia in diabetic subjects.  Our group was amongst the first to highlight the high prevalence of hypertension in diabetes subjects, the co-clustering of risk factors, the importance of nutritional manipulation and drug therapies (ACE inhibitors) in diabetic subjects.  Studies on prevalence of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, relationship to cardiovascular disease and drug therapies (fibrates and statins) have been undertaken. I am a principal investigator for the CARDS study of atorvastatin in primary prevention in diabetic subjects ( 5 year study funded by the DOH and Pfizer).
  • Medical Ophthalmology
My early research stressed the importance of associated medical conditions to retinal vascular disease such that medical assessment and therapy is an integral part of patient management to obtain best final visual outcome and prevent recurrence of retinal vein occlusion in the fellow eye.  Studies on the aetiology of retinal vascular disease have identified platelet function abnormalities, increased inflammatory markers, hypercholesterolaemia, and hyperhomocysteinaemia as therapeutic targets.  Long term follow up studies have been performed suggesting medical benefit of cardiovascular medical therapies as well as steroid therapy in young patients.  Much of this work is incorporated in the draft national guidelines (RCOphth.) on the management of retinal vein occlusions.  A major interest has been in the aetiology, risk factors, medical management, and screening of diabetic retinopathy.  We were one of the first groups to highlight increasing LDL cholesterol as a risk for exudative maculopathy, the medical factors underlying ischaemic maculopathy, and the importance of non-diabetic retinopathy causes of severe visual impairment in diabetic subjects.  These observations led to the East Birmingham Diabetic Eye Screening Service initiated in 1993 using trained optometrists, the success of which has led to this approach being incorporated Pan-Birmingham, and the protocol formed the basis of the British Diabetic Association Optometry screening recommendations.  I am subsequently a member of the National Diabetic Retinopathy Committee, and chair of its Training and Accreditation  committee.
  • Ongoing Research
Major projects include the potential of medical therapies for microvascular disease, with protein-kinase C inhibition and inhibition of growth hormone and IGF-1 by a long acting octreotide formulation.  Our centre is one of four in the UK that I have set up, with a research team (optometry, nursing, photographic, physician and ophthalmology) that is able to perform these exciting studies.  In March 2002 my group is one of the major centres for a therapeutic trial specifically of diabetic macula oedema, and co-ordinator of studies of surrogate markers for macula oedema or application to diabetic retinopathy screening programmes ( Chairman of the UK board).  I am currently  the principle investigator for studies of Diabetic Maculopathy for the protein kinase C-inhibitor therapy.  The results of our large initial randomised trials in retinopathy were positive, and I am the principal investigator for the continuing  major trial programme. ( 2004 – 2007). Other projects funded include angiogenesis of angiotensin receptor blockade, thrombophilic factors and vascular disease, and statin therapy in the primary prevention of vascular disease in diabetic patients. Our group have recently identified a possible gene marker for retinal vein occlusion, and I am an investigator into genetics of thyroid eye disease (Lead  Dr. S.Gough )
Research has been initiated on aspects of diabetic retinopathy screening, including prospective follow-up of a large cohort of diabetic patients with micro-aneuryms in the macula region to identify the natural history, and guide the correct screening intervals. Studies have recently been completed into blood pressure measurement and clinical use in the diabetic eye clinic, aspirin and relationship to vitreous haemorrhage, and methodologies of laser treatment.