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Prof. Michel Krempf

Prof. Michel Krempf
Hopital Universitaire
Nantes, France
Short Narrative Biography

Pr Michel Krempf is the head of the department of Endocrinology, Metabolic diseases and Nutrition of the University Hospital of Nantes. He is the director of the Human Research Center of Nantes and a member of the French University Council. He is the president of the French society on atherosclerosis (NSFA).

He is professor of human nutrition in the school of medicine of Nantes and leads the international educational program “one world, one health” Man-imal focusing on food safety and nutritional quality from vegetal and animal production for healthy human life.  

He was trained for metabolic kinetic studies using stable isotopes and mass spectrometry in MIT (Cambridge, MA) and has used this technic and modeling for the lipoprotein turnover measurement. He has developed a translational research on human dyslipidemia and his group was strongly involved in the identification of the first familial hypercholesterolemia with a gain of function PCSK9 mutation and the related dysfunctions. He has published more than 200 peer review original articles or reviews.