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The Initiative

Prof. Carlos Calvo

Prof. Carlos Calvo
University of Concepcion
Conception, Chile
  • Biochemist
  • PhD, Claude Bernard University, Lyon.  France
  • Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Concepcion, Chile
  • Dean of School of  Pharmacy, University of Concepcion, Chile
  • Director of Lipids and Atherosclerosis Laboratory, University of Concepcion,    Chile
Visiting Scientist

Laboratory of Lipoprotein and Atherosclerosis, INSERM U- 321, Paris, France,   1993


Division  of Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine, Columbia University,  New York, USA, 1994  

Professional Associations
  Iberoamerican Atherosclerosis Society (SILAT)
  International Atherosclerosis Society ( IAS)
  Chilean Society of Endocrinology and Diabetes
  Real Academy of Doctors. Spain

Second Symposio of the Latinoamerican Task Force for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Mexico City 2006

Selected Publications

Fruchart J.C., Brewer H.B., Leitersdorf E., Assmann G., Brochier M., Brown G., Calvo C., Carmena R., Gotto A.
Concensus for the use of fibrates in the treatment of dyslipoproteinemia and coronary heart disease,
Am. J. Cardiol. 81: 912-917, 1998.

Ulloa N., Verdugo C., Ríos M., Sepúlveda J., Calvo C.
Increased activity of Lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase during short term oral estrogen progestative replacement therapy.
Metabolism 47: 297-300, 1998

Bustos P., Ulloa N., Calvo C., Muller D., Durán D., Martínez J., Salazar L., Quiroga A.
Monoclonal antibodies to human apolipoproteins: Applications to the study of high density lipoproteins HDL subpolulations
Clin Chim Acta 293:223-228, 2000.

Ulloa N, Arteaga E, Bustos P, Durán D, Schulze K, Castro G, Jauhiainen M, Fruchart JC,  Calvo C.
Sequential estrogen-progestin replacement therapy in healthy  postmenopausal women: Effects on cholecterol efflux capacity and key proteins regulating high-density lipoprotein levels.
Metabolism 51: 1410-1417, 2002.

Bustos P., Radojkovic C., Ulloa N., Muñoz M., Martínez A.,  Asenjo S., Calvo C., Bustos P.,
Lipoprotein composition in children and adolescent with type I diabetes mellitus
J. Pediatric Endocrinology &Metabolism, 18:257-264, 2005.

Searle A., Gómez L., Meroño T., Salomón C., Toro G., Durán D., Giunta G., Grant C., Calvo C., Lamperti L., Brites F.,  Aguayo C.
High LDL levels are associated with increased Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 activity on nitric oxide sintesis and reactive oxygen species formation in human endothelial cells
Clinical Biochemistry, 2011:44;171-177

Celis C., Pérez F., Ibañez L., Sanzana R, Hormazabal E., Ulloa N.,  Calvo C., Bailey M., Gill JM
The impact of environment and ethnicity on insulin resistance in aboriginal and non-aboriginal South American populations: the GENADIO study
PLoS ONE  2011:6; 1-9