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Prof. Jun-ren Zhu

Prof. Jun-ren Zhu
Fudan University
Shanghai, China
Short Narrative Biography

Dr. Jun-ren Zhu is the professor of medicine at Zhong Shan Hospital, Fudan University (Formerly: Shanghai Medical University). Since 1956 he served in the Department of Internal Medicine of Zhong Shan Hospital, and has been the Chairman of the department in 1984-1996.

For a long time he was devoted to the clinical studies of cardiovascular diseases as well as the development of new therapies in China. In order to conduct clinical trials in an international standard, he was appointed by the Chinese government to establish the Good Clinical Practice system in China and was invited by WHO to join its Expert Advisory Panel on Drug Evaluation since 1992.

In recent five years he had been responsible for the development of Chinese Guidelines on Prevention and Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Adults.

He participated in several large scale multinational studies such as the HOT study, the VALUE trial, OASIS 5 and OASIS 7 studies, and HEAAL study where he was the member of steering committee, the DISCOVERY-ASIA study where he is the principal investigator, and the SYMPHONY trial, the A to Z study, the COLA II study, the AMISH study, the CRESCENDO study, and the ATHENA and DIONYSUS studies where he was the national coordinator.

He is the founder member and council member of the Asian Pacific Society of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Diseases. Currently he is a Member of Executive Committee of International Atherosclerosis Society.