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SSPARMα at the Crossroads of Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases
SSPARM downloadable slidekit
Created by Professor Jean-Charles Fruchart, President of the R3i foundation, this downloadable library of 238 slides discusses the rationale and therapeutic opportunities for SPPARαMs in the future management of cardiovascular diseases.
The author discusses the clinical significance of atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and diabetic macro- and microvascular diseases, focussing on the effects of dyslipidaemia and inflammation on the progression of these conditions. As a leader in the field of PPARα agonists, Professor Fruchart reviews the discovery, mechanism of action and clinical benefits of this class of lipid-modifying drug and makes the case for developing a new class of potent, highly selective PPARα agonists with minimal effects on serum creatinine and homocysteine levels.
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PCSK9 Slidekit
PCSK9 downloadable slidekit
Created by Professors Jean Davignon (Vice-President of the R3i foundation), Jean-Charles Fruchart (President of R3i) and Michel Hermans (R3i General Secretary), the latest downloadable deck of 242 slides discusses the potential role for anti-PCSK9 mAbs in the future management of cardiovascular disease.
Authors review unmet needs in the treatment of dyslipidemia, the discovery and structure of PCSK9,PCSK9 levels in health and disease, PCSK9-drug interactions focusing on statin trials, current approaches to PCSK9 inhibition, and recent results from anti-PCSK9 mAb pre-clinical and clinical trials.
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