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The Initiative

Prof. Ruth McPherson

Prof. Ruth McPherson
Ottawa Heart Institute
Ottawa, Canada

Short narrative biography

Dr. McPherson received her PhD from the University of London (UK) and MD and subspecialty training in internal medicine and endocrinology and metabolism at the University of Toronto. Dr. McPherson held academic positions at the University of Toronto and McGill University before joining the University of Ottawa Heart Institute in 1992. She has held continuous peer-reviewed funding from multiple agencies and has published over 250 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. McPherson’s laboratory research is centered on understanding the genetics and genomics of coronary artery disease using data from large genome-wide association studies, extensive molecular and bioinformatic approaches. She directs the Lipid Clinic, Atherogenomics Laboratory & Ruddy Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Centre at the Ottawa Heart Institute and is a key Canadian opinion leader in the area of clinical lipidology and cardiovascular risk reduction.

Dr. McPherson was elected to fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada in 2014.